Exposure calculator

  • Link for Exposure time calculator - test version - can be found here:
    Exposure time calculator

  • Example parameters and results:

    • Note: Total transparency on all optical elements value for Nedeljkovic an Milankovic telescope should be: 0.8 





How to use exposure time calculator properly:

  • Object: Point or extended, depending on whether it is a point or source of finite dimensions.
  • Custom telescopes setup:
    • Milankovic Telescope (AZ140) with CCD IKONL Camera, focal reducer x0.64
    • Nedeljkovic Telescope (EQ60) with CCD FLI Camera
  • Total transparency of all optical elements = 0.7
  • Airmass according to formula AM=1/cos(Z), Z- zenith angle
  • Sky Brightness (mag/arcsec^2) = 21
  • Radius for photometry: around 2-2.5 times of FWHM
  • For excellent measurement, Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) should be at least 100.