>> AAG Cloudwatcher® device is out of order until further notice! <<

The observation conditions review for the last seven hours on AS Vidojevica telescopes site provided by AAG Cloudwatcher® device.

Important note: Please, combine these data below with information from Weather station and Allsky camera! 

The sky cloud coverage:
(Clear: less than -15°C of sky infrared temperatures)
(Cloudy: range between -15°C and -1°C of sky infrared temperatures)
(Overcast: range between 0°C and +30°C of sky infrared temperatures)
AAG ImageCloudCondition

Rain presence:
(Dry: more than 2000 cycles)
(Wet: range between 2000 and 1700 cycles)
(Rain: range between 1700 and 400 cycles)
AAG ImageRainCondition

Wind condition:
(Calm: less than 1.38 m/s)
(Windy: range between 1.38 m/s and 6.5 m/s)
(Very Windy: range between 6.5 m/s and 27.5 m/s)
AAG ImageWindCond

Light brightness condition:
(Dark: more than 18000 K ohms)
(Light: range between 18000 K ohms and 6 K ohms)
(Very Light: range between 6 K ohms and 0 K ohms)
AAG ImageDayCondition

Air temperature:
AAG ImageTemperature