Telescope Milanković - 140 cm mirror

The main characteristics of the “Milanković” telescope are:

  • Mechanics: Astrosysteme Austria (ASA),MilankovicPanorama
  • Optics: LOMO, St. Petersburg, Russia,
  • Primary mirror diameter: 1.4 meter,
  • Focal length: 11.2 meters (f/8),
  • Mount : alt-azimuth,
  • Weight:: 8.5 tonnes,
  • Height : 4.5 meters,
  • Tubus: Open Truss Tube,
  • Motorized main and secondary mirror covering (computer-controlled).
  • Motorized secondary mirror focuser (computer-controlled),
  • Drive: Direct Drive Torque motors
  • Nasmyth and “bent” Cassegrain foci.

First light of the “Milanković” telescope (image below) showed that the observing conditions at Vidojevica are excellent: the seeing measured was found to be equal to 0.7 arc seconds which is comparable to the best observing sites in the world, such as Chile.

These first results confirmed that both mechanics and optics are of excellent quality. The results also strongly suggest that the choice of the Vidojevica mountain was the right option for the new observing site of the Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade.

first light 3