Telescope Nedeljković - 60 cm mirror

The Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade purchased one 60cm Cassegrain telescope from Astrooptic company in Austria (which in the meanwhile became part of the Astro System Austria - a much bigger company in Austria for manufacturing telescopes) in 2005. It was finally installed and rectified in Jun 2011 and began to work in the same month. This telescope has been named by the founder and first director of Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade - Milan Nedeljković.

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The main characteristics of the "Nedeljković" telescope are:
- Mechanics: Astrosystem Austria (ASA)
- Optics: LOMO, St. Petersburg, Russia,
- Primary mirror: parabolic, 60cm in diameter,
- Secondary mirror: hiperbolic, 20cm in diameter,
- Mount: Equatorial, ASA DDM 200 direct.
- Focal Length: Cassegrain focus of 6000mm
- The telescope system is f/10.