AS Vidojevica

The Astronomical Station Vidojevica is observation site established by Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade.

AS Vidojevica is located on Mt. Vidojevica near Prokuplje, at an elevation of 1150m. In the previous years, the living pavillion (main HQ building) and the dome for the 60cm telescope have been constructed on the site.

The summit itself is reserved for the construction of the new telescope "Milankovic", with an automated dome and an auxiliary building for technical equipment, service and computer systems. AZ1400 "Milankovic" 1.4 m big telescope just arrived on 28 april 2016 which is mounted in temporary roll roof pavilion.

NEW!!! Panoramic 3D picture 1# of telescope "Milanković", author N. Filipović (click on picture):privremeni paviljon

Panoramic 3D picture 2# of telescope "Milanković", author N. Filipović (click on picture Flash player):

NEW!!! Panoramic 3D picture of the new telescope "Milanković" pavilion building, author N. Filipović (click on picture):
novi paviljon gradnja

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Vidojevica Astrophotography Workshop 2016 (report & images)

The first light of telescope "Milanković" (link on serbian version)

The new big 1.4 m telescope "Milankovic" - AZ1400 Retchey Chretien telescope on azimuthal mount produced by ASA


As satellite data shows, Mt. Vidojevica is one of the few places remaining in Serbia with a dark night sky. This year we will initiate a detailed measuring campaign to quantify the astro-climate conditions on the summit itself. These measurements are necessary for the efficient exploitation of the future instruments. An automatic meteorological station, all-sky camera and a seeing monitor will be placed on the summit in the near future. We are also working on establishing Internet connection on the AS Vidojevica, so that all measurements are available in real time on-line.

Coordinates: longitude: 21° 33' 20.4"; latitude: 43° 08' 24.6"; elevation: 1150 m