Telescope Time Allocation

Time allocation for the telescopes at the Astronomical station Vidojevica is possible. For successful application, we strongly advice to read the Rule-book first which contains all relevant information regarding time allocation. Application forms can be downloaded here. Characteristics of the telescopes and all the available instruments can be read here. Example of applications in Serbian and English can be found here.

News and Events.

  • new19.07.2022. - The 60cm telescope is again available and ready for continuation of observing programs.
  • newThe 60cm telescope is available for observation projects with SBIG STXL-6303 CCD camera, and filters set: B, V, R, I, U. The field of view is: 15.84 x 10.56 arcmin. The pixel size is: 9 μm x 9 μm. Image size: 3072 x 2048. Sensor size: 27.6 x 18.4mm. The full camera specification can be found here.
  • newCall for proposals for the telescopes time allocation is open from 1st of July to 31th of October 2022.
  • newThe 1.4m telescope is available for observation with Andor IkonL CCD camera, focal reducer and filters set: B, V, R, I, L, Halpha, Hcontinuum and SII. The field of view is 13.3 x 13.3 arcmin. Pixel size is 13.5 μm x 13.5 μm.