CCD cameras

Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade (AOB) provided several cameras and instruments to be able to work on both, the 60cm Cassegrain and the 1.4m Nasmyth telescopes. These instruments are stated and briefly described below:

- Apogee U42

- Apogee E47+


- SpectraPro 750 portable spectrograph


Apogee U42

Basic Characteristics of the camera

Apogee U42 is a large format back-illuminated CCD camera with the following characteristics:

- ARRAY SIZE: 2048 x 2048

- PIXEL SIZE: 13.5um x 13.5um

- IMAGING ARAE: 27.65mm x 27.65mm

- PIXEL CAPACITY: 100 000 e-

- PEAK QE (600nm): 92%

More details about the U42 camera can be found here and in paper Vince (2012).

Apogee E47

Apogee E47+ is a smaller format back-illuminated CCD camera than E42 with the following characteristics:

- ARRAY SIZE: 1024 x 1024

- PIXEL SIZE: 13um x 13um

- IMAGING ARAE: 13.3mm x 13.3mm

- PIXEL CAPACITY: 100 000 e-

More details about the E47+ camera can be found here.


ST-10ME camera has the following characteristics:

- ARRAY SIZE: 2184 x 1472

- PIXEL SIZE: 6.8um x 6.8um

- IMAGING ARAE: 14.9mm x 10mm

- - PEAK QE (656nm): 86%

More details about the ST-10ME camera can be found here.

Portable Spectrograph

Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade has one portable fiber-feed spectrograph dedicated for use at the 60cm Cassagrain telescope and the future 1.5m-class telescope at the Astronomical Station of  Vidojevica. The spectrograph has been planed for recording low resolution spectra of relatively faint stars and asteroids, medium-resolution spectra of relatively bright stars and studies of the variations in highly broadened spectral line profiles.The spectrograph parameters are as follows:

Model: SpectraPro-750
Type: Czerny-Turner
Spectral range: violet to infrared
Aperture ratio: f/9.7
Focal length of the Collimator: 750 mm
Focal length of the Camera: 750 mm
Gratings: 3 pieces on the rotating turret (300, 600 and 1200 grooves/mm) 68x68 mm2 in size and blazed at 500 nm

Figure below shows the experimental setup of the spectrograph (Credits:  I. Vince & A. Lalovic: 2005, SAJ 171, 55)

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